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Florida Keys ~ June 2014

Everytime I visit the Keys I find someone who has a story about their adventures in the Colorado mountains. It is often the captain or crew of the boats that take us out to kayak and snorkel. It may be that those that crave adventure and the beauty of the earth naturally tend to migrate to opposites - If you live in the mountains you find yourself wanting to visit the sea. If you spend your life in a watery paradise like the Keys, you match that with treks up to high mountains for vacation.

My latest trip to the sea was awesome, as you can see from the clickable images below. Instead of sleeping in a tent on coral in the Dry Tortugas I stayed in some very nice hotels, since my daughters came with me. I think they had an ok time, and I feel like I did good to make this happen for them..

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“Wherever you go, go with all your heart"