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6 ~ November 2022

The dogs and I had several long greenbelt walks this week, beneath the last of the fall color showing in the tall willows. Thursday night we had snow, and so we were up early to see the sunrise light up the first snowfall of the season.

And we had a Tuesday excursion to the high country, hiking around on snowy slopes. I intentionally circled back through a valley side that stays in the shade of a north facing ridge all winter. The snow there might blow off the trees, but it won’t melt until Spring.

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I am fortunate to have such good border collies to keep me company up there. It is not the same without Mollie, but the days go on, and you remember how much she loved it on our walks and mountain treks. I have many years of photos and videos to remember her with.

It is a blessing to spend my weeks with just the dogs, walking or trekking like we do, then spicing it up with some dancing, as has been my routine for over two decades now.

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart"