4 November ~2016

I spent this week south of Moab. Did my research - the high mesa we went to was so secluded I did not see another person in four days. Before dawn on the second day my old Maggie disappeared. I searched for six hours - could not figure out what happened to her. The last I saw her she was sleeping in the tent. I had tried to rouse her to come out, but she was sound asleep so I left her there. That I was worried and upset was an understatement. On a hunch I hiked around to the other side of the canyon and found her there, at the bottom. I could not tell what kind of shape she was in, and headed down canyon to find access up to where she was. She was alert, but scraped up when I got to her. I carried her out on my shoulders and took her into the vet at Moab. Just superficial injuries - nothing serious or broken.

I had been keeping her tied up, but thought she was still in the tent - apparently she walked right past me and the other borders in the dark and kept on going. My daughter asked me why I didn't zip the tent door closed.

Two days later she she seems to be fine - eating, drinking, walking. There is no doubt she is a very tough girl - to have made it to within a month of 16. Her Dad just has to do a better job watching out for her.

The photo above is my favorite of the trip, the day after I was able to find Maggie after disappearing before dawn. She was waiting there in the canyon for her Dad to get to her. Very glad I have some more time to let her know how much I love her. Colorado River in the background.

On this trip I hiked with a tall wooden walking stick with a big rubber tip on the bottom - made a big difference in stability crossing sandstone. (once I got in a too steep spot going up - just kept on going. - think I would have been in trouble if I stopped)