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30 ~ April 2024

Many of the photos below (and the video) are from my March trip to extreme Western Colorado and Utah. Wide open spaces, perfect solitude.

That country south and west of Grand Junction, near Naturita, Paradox, and Bedrock has the same rock formations as Moab. (and is only 40 miles from Moab). I learned the backroads out there when I worked for the Bureau of Land Management in the late 1970's. Returning every few years like I do feels like reconnecting with my past. My job with the BLM was the first one I had out of college.

Ny friend Tricia and I had some enjoyable trips to Utah's canyon country, but now I find I prefer the time alone, just me and the dogs. Alone there is nothing to get in the way of how good it feels to be in wild country, and the connection I have with all my border collies. When you get old you know what makes you tick.

Some of the thumbnails and linking photos at the bottom of this page are from my previous trips to Western Colorado and Utah, since 2008. It is an amazing part of the world, that people come from all over to visit. In the times I have been in Arches I always come across tourists from Asia.

Beau will be 10 years old next month. What a wonderful time we've had his whole life; lots of shared adventures and wandering. It's true that having border collies gets me up and moving, just to see the excitement and passion they have for wide open spaces and mountains. It is something we have in common.

Beau has been Jess’s teacher. All the good that resides in his heart has been passed down to hers.

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More journal notes:

April 23:I acknowledge that some might think it a little out of the ordinary that I go out dancing every weekend at a place where mostly young people hang out. In fairness though, when I do find a lady there closer to my age, I go out of my way to ask her to dance. Also, I have been going to this same place since 1990. I was there when Waylon Jennings and Patty Loveless performed at the Rose, as well as Tim Mcgraw and Chris Ledoux (several times). But the bottom line is nobody cares. As long as I know how to do it, and my partners have a good time dancing with me, I am sure as heck going to continue on. (I have had over 30 years practice at the dance halls). It beats sitting home and watching movies with the dogs, for the seventh night of the week.

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart"