16 October ~ 2018

Last week the dogs and I spent Tuesday through Friday up in the Sawatch Range, hiking in the snow. It cleared for a while Tuesday just after dark, but other than that it was cloudy and snowed on and off the whole time, with heavy snow on Thursday. I rented a renovated mining cabin that had nothing but a cement floor, a picnic table, and a wood stove. Sitting in a folding chair in front of that warm wood stove having dinner and coffee, and later reading until bedtime was a tremendous pleasure, especially after being out in the cold all day. After I fed the border collies they retreated to the blankets I layed on the floor for them, probably dreaming happy dreams of adventure and wildness. I have been hiking and backpacking in the Sawatch Range west of Leadville for over 20 years now, and look forward to heading back up there when the snow melts in the spring.