25 August ~2013

While spending the weekend at the state fair, I once again proved how pitifully human I can be. I had spent the afternoon and early evening wandering around the fair, getting some nice photos, (like the trained dog demo above), when I went back to the truck to get ready for a night of dancing at the Weatherport Country Tent. After changing into fresh jeans I put on my hat and was thinking what a good time I was likely to have. I put my hand in my pocket and discovered no truck keys. After checking again and again, not believing I left my keys in the other jeans, and crawling under the truck with no luck finding the extra key I stored years ago, I finally went over and talked to the parking lot attendant. He said he would call somebody, and I was thinking this was going to be expensive. As it turned out they had my window open in a few minutes, (it helped my door was not shut tight), and told me there would be no charge. I insisted on giving the parking lot manager and the tow truck driver a good tip for their efforts.

My evening that looked like a bust 45 minutes earlier, actually turned out pretty good. I washed up and was over to the tent before the dancing started. Chris Knight, one of my favorite country artists for many years, came on at 11pm with his full band and played until 1am. A few people stood up next to the stage, but mostly there was room to swing dance and two and triple step the entire time. It was a memorable evening for all of us.

Several things make dancing a satisfying experience - the connection between you and the music and your partner, and the power of touch, which we all need, no exceptions.

I was very glad I ventured down there, to Pueblo, on a Saturday night.