26 April ~ 2020 - Monthly Spellbinder Story - Jeffco Schools (by Jim Ratzloff)

John Muir was a naturalist and adventurer who spent a lifetime exploring the wonders of the earth. In the late 1800's he traveled to Alaska four times. On his second trip he made friends with a little dog named Stickeen, who followed John on a stormy day exploring a massive glacier. The storm settled in and John Muir and Stickeen were stuck on ice surrounded by crevaces. Listen to the story below, and click on some of the links at the bottom of the page to learn more about John Muir or to read the whole story of John Muir and Stickeen on the glacier. (free)

You can read the entire story of Stickeen written by John Muir at this link: (free) Stickeen - Entire Text of Book (free)

Here are some screen prints from books about John Muir and Stickeen: John Muir/Stickeen Photos (from the following books:)

Click this link to learn more about John Muir's life: John Muir Exhibit

"I have known many dogs, and many a story I could tell of their wisdom and devotion; but to none do I owe so much as to Stickeen. At first the least promising and least known of my dog-friends, he suddenly became the best known of them all. Our storm-battle for life brought him to light, and through him as through a window I have ever since been looking with deeper sympathy into all my fellow mortals." - John Muir

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