15 August ~2015

Our wet year has dried out the last month, providing the best view of the milky way from 12000 ft so far in 2015- it was brightest after dark, but stayed visible all night long. I used my 24mm rokkor lens from the 1980's on my Sony a6000 to get some good night shots of it. (see below, at very bottom). I went to sleep as soon as it was dark, and got up at midnight to see all the Perseid shooting stars.

Beau is so crazy in love with water that he leaped into the mountain lake several times and just swam around for 10 minutes. The girls stand on the bank and watch him, but don't go in themselves. I am sure it is very cold water but doesn't seem to phase his youthful energy and passion.

Colorado is a wonderful state, and I have been around enough to know of many off trail destinations, that me and the dogs can disappear up into and not see another person the whole time. It doesn't get much better than that.

Being comfortable with solitude is a good thing, because out there is where you find serious renewal, from the beauty and the mystery.