15~ January 2014

It is important to live a good life the best you can, since in old age many of your misdealings can come back to haunt you. One of my biggest regrets is giving up a little tan and white border collie 30 years ago. At the time it seemed like what had to be done, but now I think about the alternatives I might have had.

Little Jennie was a shy dog, but she adored me. There is a world of difference between my wife choosing to leave via divorce, and little Jennie, who did not choose. You can probably guess which one I feel worse about at this point in my life, knowing how much I like dogs, especially border collies.

I can't go back and relive back then, but can only continue to treat my border collies well now. What I give them seems so little compared to the joy and companionship they give me, which you can see in our midwinter camping and hiking trip in Canyon Country a few weeks ago. (<<-click link)