20 July ~2018

I came across this photo of my first Border Collie, Bud, taken in Yellowstone in 1996. Bud was smart like all border collies, and retained his puppy heart and looks until late in life. He got me hooked on the breed. Having one is like having a clever child, who you don't dare disappoint by not heading out for some kind of excursion each day. On the rare days that I don't take them on a walk or hike, I swear they look at you like are a 'how could you do this to us today'. (especially Beau). Every early morning they are overwhelmed with excitment when I go around to the side of the house to gather them and leash up. They keep me moving physically and mentally - seeing what a gift it is to walk out with another sun rising.

Below is a link to some photos I took on a backpack trip with Hayley, Mollie, and Beau last week, during the new moon.

July 2018 Backpacking