5~ June, 2016 - Collegiate Range Hiking and Camping

Went up to the Collegiates early in the week, hiking and camping with the dogs. It is so incredible to have the time to immerse myself totally in the best parts of Colorado. You can see the borders sure like our new life up in the mountains every week .

I always make sure I am in town Thursday through Sunday to be ready for my social life - swing and country dancing four nights in a row. Denver is a great dance town.

Now that I have been retired two months I am much happier, and calmer (and in better shape). I stayed years beyond when I was eligible to retire because I enjoyed the work and was good at it. (coding java,javascript, html). Now I realize I should have left long ago. At least I still have my health to enjoy the mountains and the dancing. (women).

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by james ratzloff

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