20 June ~2013

Sometimes we have trouble letting go of the story we tell ourselves after a tough part of life.

For years I have said that Freedom trumps all else, and that continues as I get more comfortable maintaining my solitude in this house, accepting loneliness as part of living.

Along with that I don't think twice when doing things some consider dangerous, like backpacking alone in Grizzly Country; or down in the Keys, following sharks as close as I could.

After more than a decade of living like that, I don't see myself changing anytime soon.



What keeps me going is the beauty I witness traveling in Wilderness, and the companionship of my border collies in those high places.

And music and dance, Saturday nights at the Rose. I tend to stay at the back until a fast song brings me forward to find an athletic woman to dance with, losing myself in the music and her joy.


I think it was the bear's voice he heard deep inside him.
Growling low of dark, secret places.

- Legends of the Fall