1 September ~2013

It was very hard to say goodbye to Ben. I can see Mollie and Hayley and Maggie are grieving also. Maggie slept on the deck last night with me, which is the first time she has done that. (usually she goes through the dog doors and sleeps in the laundry room)

Ben was hurting, and letting him go was the kindest thing I could do. I stayed with him, feeling his last breath, and placing my hands on his side until he was on the way to Heaven.

He was my true and loyal friend, who went with me to the high mountains more times than I can remember, and always slept beside me in the comfort of my home. He was there beside me through tough times, when I let the beauty and solitude of the wilderness heal what was diminished in me.

Look at the photos of Ben's life at this link, and see what a good one he had, rich with adventures and wilderness and love.

"Some animals, like men, 
leave a trail of glory behind them.
They give their spirit to the place where they have lived, and remain forever apart of the rocks and streams and
the wind and sky."

~Marguerite Henry~


No matter how deep my sleep I shall hear you, and not all the power of death can keep my spirit from wagging a grateful tail.

E O'Neill