22 January ~ 2018

I kept dreaming about a January trip to south of Green River, Utah, since the winter has been so mild. In my head was a view of the stars above a sandstone cliff, which came to pass. In a week camping and hiking around Robber's Roost and the edge of the Green River Canyon, we only saw two or three other vehicles on the gravel roads, which was perfect.

We had a slot canyon all to ourselves until the very end. The only hard part was when we were first entering it. I scrambled down some ledges in the sandstone to the canyon bottom, and Mollie followed. Beau and Hayley were afraid to. They kept barking and wanted to go up and find a different way, but I called them back. I finally coaxed them to my arms, one at a time, and lifted them down over the tough spot. On the way back up I tied a rope to each of them, climbed up myself holding the slack rope, and then helped them up with it. Mollie again made it by herself. She is the true iron-hearted athlete of the bunch.

On the edge of the Green River Canyon I tied the dogs with a knot I know won't come undone. Mollie is the one that always wants to be right on the edge, to see what might be down there. I don't have the nerves to let her do that. You can see by the video it was another gorgeous day with no wind. Cold in the morning, but warms up by 11am.See my video of it at this link.