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1~ July, 2016 - Hiking Photos

Photos from the last two weeks hiking with the border collies. Made a special trip yesterday to find Columbines in bloom, and they were!

Beau is over two years old now, and doesn't look much like a pup anymore. He is my mountain dog, like Ben. I am very proud of him and the girls.

Maggie has to stay home when we go now. At 15 1/2, she just can't make it anymore. She can go about a block around home before I have to carry her. It breaks my heart, but also is a lesson on why I need to take advantage of my strength while I have it. Maggie is a sweet girl, and likes poking around in her back yard..

I don't exercise as much as I used to, riding bikes or taking walks, because I am getting plenty of exercise with the dogs climbing up steep slopes.

journal . stories . life )

by james ratzloff

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