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1~ January, 2022 - Coral Triangle Snorkeling - Day 4

Below are photos and videos taken on day 4 of my 2019 snorkeling vacation to Indonesia. The coral triangle is one of the most amazing underwater places I have visited. I am hoping to return in 2022, although so far that is uncertain, because of covid.

It was an amazing experience to put on my wet suit and walk down the steps from my cottage on the hill with diving fins over my shoulder, then swim through the mangroves, over the dark lagoon, and out to just beyond the reef edge to take photos. I often stayed in the water so long that the batteries on my camera would die. Eventually I started putting extra cameras in the middle, enclosed part of the yellow buoy I would tow for safety. When the batteries ran out on my camera, I would just reach into the buoy for another one. Worked pretty well as long as I tied the cameras to straps in the buoy, just in case.

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