A song I heard at a concert last night made a strong impression on me, and caused me to think plenty about my life, and what will matter when I get to the end of it. There are more than a few struggles I would change if I could, but as I listened to this song I also recalled moments that have stayed with me, that made my life rich and that I will remain proud of. Not the house we managed to get or what I could buy with the steady work I have had for so long, but the time we were camping in Wyoming, and I got my family up before dawn to see a Teton sunrise. I thought of driving my daughters up the road to Mt Evans in the dark of an early morning so they could see a comet across the thousands of stars. And there is the countless times they and I walked with our dogs along the river path, beneath the cottonwoods and back home.

What also came to mind is all the wonders I witnessed in the high mountains with Ben at my side.

It was my favorite of the night at Tracy Grammer's Swallow Hill Concert. This is a new song written less than a month ago in memory of her Father. See if you like it as much as I did:

good life
© 2014 tracy grammer
dedicated to my dear old dad, james a. grammer, sr. 1947-2013

twenty years old, just a fitful young man
with a fire in my eye, liked a drink in my hand
kissed a pretty young girl, got a gold wedding band
had a baby on the way that we didn't quite plan
and oh

headed out west and i ran a little hot
and the drink in my hand well it didn't cool me off
it was right about the time my kid was sixteen
i was scaring everybody, i was so bitter and mean
and oh

but i used to dream 
of a little rowin boat
it'd be me and the dog and we'd fish or float
and we'd live
in one-level ranch
with toads in the pond and doves in the branches
and oh
what a good life

sick of my scheming and costly mistakes
i was losing my business in the hearts that i'd break
i got sober as a mountain and my river turned cool
i'd make it up to you mama but you're leavin this fool
and oh

i used to dream 
we'd be getting up at dawn
we'd have chickens in the pen and some goats on the lawn
big trees
and worms in the pail
and my heart on my sleeve
and my love wouldn't fail, and oh
in my good life

i'm sixty-five now and they tell me i'm sick
it's this pain in my belly, the reckoning stick
call up my daughter and we cry ourselves clear
it's forgiveness and grace and i wish you were here
and oh

last thing i said, i was coming undone
'bout a sweet summer peach that tastes just like the sun
juice from that fruit dripped all down my face
there is only this moment, there is only this place

and the dream of a little rowin boat...

let it all go now and wipe it all clean
ain't no time for regret in the great in-between
it was a heck of a ride and i wish i had known
you can worry, you can wander, but you'll always make it home 
i've had a good life
i've had a good life
i've had a good life



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