24 ~ November, 2017

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Photos from my second year of retirement - mostly taking walks, hikes, and backpack trips with my three younger border collies. Also, had a great time leasing a horse and riding him on the trails at Chatfield State Park until he was sold. I took one fall when he shied at something and spun around so fast I couldn't react. I kept a hand on the reins when I fell, and walked him back to the barn with a pretty good limp - but just a deep muscle bruise in my leg that healed within a week.

My old border Maggie stays home now, but seems to like her backyard. I have to go out and find her at night and bring her in before bedtime. It may be that she doesn't see well in the dark and can't find the dog door to come in like she used to. My sweet girl will be 17 years old in two weeks.

Tricia accompanied me on several trips this year - to Canyon Country in February, on a backpack trip in June, up to Wyoming to see the eclipse in August, and to Bonaire in September. We travel well together, and am looking forward to some more adventures with her.

I still go to the Rose for dancing on Saturday, plus the swing dances at the Mercury, Turnverein, and Avalon in Boulder on other days. I am approaching 30 years at the Rose soon. It has been a lot better since the Colorado smoking ban which is now almost 12 years old. I am looking to see Ned Ledoux there on Jan 6th, and hearing him play some of his songs his Father did on the same stage.

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