20 ~ June, 2016 - Collegiate Range Hiking and Camping

Went down a little-used trail to the junction of two creeks, where the spruce grows very tall. Years ago I discovered hundreds of Calypso orchids grow in the deep shade where the creeks join. Found them in bloom yesterday - seeing and photographing such beauty is awe-inspiring! love this state!

lots of rain and lightning yesterday afternoon and evening. Lucky that it stopped around 7:30 pm. I was able to cook dinner and stand over a fire to warm up before getting into the sleeping bag.

Pretty sure I saw a mountain lion streak down the slope below the cliff we camped on. (yesterday). And this morning found two scent piles - needles and twigs dragged into a pile. I noticed them because the dogs were investigating them. Then of course Beau had to lift his leg on them. Also saw bear scat, and anthills dug apart by bears. I don't really mind if Beau barks some when we are camped in an area like that - a message that they can have it back when we are gone. (of course the dogs sleep in the tent with me)

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by james ratzloff

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