7 October ~2012

I went backpacking on three consecutive weekends in September, to make up for the time I would be leaving the dogs behind while traveling to the Florida Keys.

I was hoping to spend the first weekend in Florida llike I do in Denver - with some dancing on Friday and Saturday night.

Friday went well at Cowboy Bills on Duvall Street - there was room on the dance floor, the band was excellent, and I found a woman who knew how to triple step and swing.

On Saturday I was hoping for more of the same, but got stiffed by every woman I asked to dance.

After the band's first set I left with what my ego severely diminished. All everybody seemed to know how to do is get drunk and bop up and down in front of the band with shitfaced grins.

Except for the lady with her baseball cap on backwards who leaned up against the wooden cowboy statue in the corner in a obscene manner, while somebody took her picture. Then she got up on the stage and stood up close to the lead singer as he tried to perform. He wasn't too impressed but was good natured about it.

Sunday was better, after some coffee and the beautiful weather morning for my trip out to the reefs in the Florida Key Wildlife Refuge. Throughout the day we saw dolphins, a sea turtle, found a conch shell, and paddled our kayaks through hidden passageways on a mangrove-covered island. It was like being in Disneylands jungle ride, without the big hippopotamus jaws opening around you.

The absolute best part though was the coral reefs we visited, snorkeling and looking at the array of fish below. I followed Jen, because she seemed the most knowlegeable. (and definitely was the most photogenic).

Sunday erased any bad vibes I had about my trip after Saturday Night. How did I get so lucky to have an all woman crew, of Wendy, Jen, and Annette?

In the evening I took a solo kayak ride out to photograph the sunset. The wind was strong and the current heavy. I didn't set my anchor, and while concentrating on working my cameras the current moved me a good quarter mile south. I got a good workout paddling back up to the inlet where my cabin was.

At its end my day was one that makes a person realize, how blessed it is,

just to be on this Earth.

(or Sea).