14 ~ December, 2016

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You can see by the photos below what a good year of outdoor adventure the border collies and I have had. Each month consists of exploring new trails and camping up in the Rockies split with working on the garden and house. Telling stories in schools and dancing on weekends allows me to avoid being a complete recluse.

I wondered what winter would be like being retired and dealing with the cold and long nights. I have found it is pure joy - the hard part of trying to get across town to work on icy roads is now out of my life. I actually love it when winter weather moves in. Me and the dogs still go for our walk, but then come home and stoke up the wood stove and enjoy our cozy home.

The coldest nights will find Beau, Mollie, Hayley on the basement couch watching movies or football. Momma Kitty sprawls on the couch top closest to the wood stove.

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