29~ May, 2016 - Last Week Camping Trip to Western Colorado

My first job after graduating college was a Botanist out in SouthWest Colorado, in 1976. I worked hard identifying and learning the scientific names of the wildflowers and grasses as part of my job, and forty years later I remember most of them. (or at least enough to quickly look them up). I have returned there many times over the years, and again this week. Love that part of Colorado.

Maggie rested near the truck or stayed in the tent most times when me and the 3 young borders went hiking and exploring. A few times she followed, and waited for us when the going got tough, but now at home she is very sore. This might have been her last trip. It breaks my heart to some my girl get so old that she can barely make it a quarter mile. I love my sweet Maggie.

by james ratzloff

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