5 February ~ 2021

I have gotten into a nice rhythm of living during this pandemic, working on cleaning and decluttering the house, or reading, or browsing the web and constructing/editing pages like this on the computer. When the days warms up enough, I leash up the dogs and head down to walk the greenbelt.

The heat generated after a few minutes of walking keeps you warm under a winter coat, even on the coldest days. I become grounded by noticing the yellow of the winter grasses, the furrowed grey bark of trees along the river path, bright red of the dogwood stems. I stop and place my palm on the exposed cottonwood root like I have always done if no one else is near. My dogs check out the scents of creatures that have used our trails

I have always believed there are good spirits, or angels, that reside in my house and along our walk down to the greenbelt and back home. The meadows down along the river corrider were likely the home of native american campsites through the ages.

“We know very little about the nature of our minds. They are the basis of all our experience, all our mental and social life, but we do not know what they are, nor do we know their extent. The traditional view found all over the world is that conscious human life is part of a larger animate reality. The soul is not confined to the head but extends throughout and around the body, is linked to the ancestors, connected with the life of animals, plants, the Earth, and the heavens. It can travel out of the body in dreams in trance and at death; and it can communicate with a vast realm of spirits -- ancestors, animals, nature spirits, beings such as elves and fairies, elementals, demons, gods and goddesses, angels and saints." - Rupert Sheldrake