12 March ~2017

I spent the first week in March thinking about how amazing our recent trip to Canyon Country was. By Friday I decided I had not have enough of it. I spent a few days packing things up and making arrangements for someone to watch old Maggie, and then was headed West with the border collies, again. (It sure is nice to be retired and be able to take off on a whim). This time the dogs and I went solo to Robber's Roost country, the maze of canyons along the Green River where Butch Cassidy used to hide out. I parked the truck on a high bluff where I could use a spotting scope to scan the land leading down to the Green River. You can see by my photos below that we did a lot of hiking/exploring and had another marvelous trip. Winds were calm and the weather was warm - actually hot in the afternoons with the sun reflecting off all that rock. It is very dry country, but we found sources of water on a couple of our hikes - once in a side canyon, and once on slickrock. This time of year is best for the dogs, before it gets scorching hot and before the rattlesnakes come out. One of the highlights was finding a huge cavern with a ceiling window, checking out the acoustics, and then discovering Rock Art on one of the walls. See my video of it at this link.