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30 ~ October 2023

October 30, 2023

The dogs and I spent a couple of nights backpacking and camping, then another week in the 1880's cabin we have stayed in several times this summer, and every year in the past five. The spot I backpacked to is an off trail location I have visited before, including an overnighter on Thanksgiving Day and Night. It is in a very lush subalpine valley, a few hundred feet below timberline, and has a wonderful view of three peaks at the top of the valley.

I fell asleep easily that first night on September 30th, but was awoken by a dream, in which I was camping with my two daughters. They had seen a bear close by, in my dream, and told me they were leaving. I asked them to wait until I gather some of my gear, but they were already headed off. Then I woke from my dream.

That made me remember another time, camped in this exact spot, where I was also woken up by a dream of a bear. It made me wonder if my subconscious was alerting me of something near by, through a dream.

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30 October ~ 2023

My intention was to stay in this morning since it was so cold. But after an hour the border collies started looking disappointed, so we loaded up and took a walk in the foothills. What a thrill it was to be there when breezes started blowing fresh snow off the pines! #border collies #bordercollie #mountaindog

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