15 January ~2012

The dogs and I climbed a steep slope, trying to stay in the areas kept snow-free from the southern exposure. The soil was frozen down near the valley, making it hard to get traction. Further up it was starting to melt, and I made it up safely with the help of my trekking poles.

I found an level area up high behind a cliff, that would be perfect for a winter camp someday.

My border collies clearly get energized by being out somewhere wild - you can see it in the photos I take of them. Three are always out in front checking things out- Ben and his two sidekicks, Hayley and Mollie. Maggie often stays back by me.

This is what I felt like doing today. Tomorrow I will sort and move the the cages and boards I unloaded into the garage from cleaning Amy's yard. But I wanted to get up high today, with just the dogs and the trees, the winter sun and the silence.