27 ~ September, 2021

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Hello Teachers and Students! Below is my September 2021 story for the students in the classrooms I would normally visit. It is a fairy tale retelling from the book Tales of Niue Nukututaha, written by author Zora Feilo, Lange Taufelila Illustrator. I also talk about the natural and human history of Niue Island in the South Pacific, and my visit there in late summer 2018. (full disclosure for copyright: this is for educational purposes, and is nonprofit volunteer work).

I recorded my story while backpacking in the mountains last week. Being up in the mountains with just nature and the dogs allows me to slow down and concentrate on my story. I also have time to record several takes while there, knowing from experience that it takes a few practices to do a better job. (My story video below was from the 5th recording). Here is a link to the area around my backpacking campsite, and here is an Introduction I recorded for the story.

I have included some links after the video to read more about Niue Island, the South Pacific, Coral Reefs and Fish, and New Zealand (links will open in a new page). And further down the page is a photo gallery of my pictures from Niue - Click on the thumbnail to open a large version of each photo. Finally, down after the photos are my videos of Niue, along with a few informational videos, including Niue kids helping to plant Taro Root in a Niue bush garden. (What is Taro Root)

I hope everyone is doing well, and you had a good summer. Thanks for listening and enjoy the Colorado Fall!

( .. set your youtube video to HD for the best quality - click on the tool in the bottom right to change it. Also, move your mouse pointer off the video to hide the title so it doesn't get in the way. )

Niue Facts for Kids   Welcome to Beautiful Niue (Niue Tourism Web Site)   Niue Yacht Club with real time screen prints   Niue Sea Tracks and Walks   From Mangroves to Coral Reefs, Sea Life and Marine Environments in the Pacific Islands   10 things you didn't know about Border Collies   Marine Life Photography and Classification (Fish, Crustaceans, and Corals)   Trip Advisor: Things To Do In Niue With Kids   Niue Pocket Guide: Fun Facts About Niue for Kids   What is special about Niue Island   Niue and South Pacific Real Time Currents   New Zealand Facts for Kids  

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Since my story was about the sea, I recorded a harmonica version of 'Drunken Sailor'. My dog Beau joins me to sing (howl) along:

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart"