7 November ~2017

I am continuing my storytelling in elementary schools, which makes for a busy and rewarding retirement. I tell a story 16 times each month to 22 classrooms at six elementary schools in Jefferson County and Denver. (The schools bring two or more classes to the library for some of my visits) I have decided my November story will be a telling of one written by Charles Marion Russell - 'There is more than One David'. In it a 6 foot 4, 250 pound bully picks on every one in town, but gets his comeuppance when he makes the mistake of mistreating a Shepard's Collie.'

I also plan discuss Russell's life moving to Montana as a young man when the West was being settled. (for 12 years he was a night watchman for a cattle company). He respected and admired the Northern Plains Indians, and lived with a tribe for a year. Most of his late in life painting were of Native Americans.

Charlie Russell and the West Album; 7 ~ November 2017

Top Image is 'Following the Buffalo Hunters', painted by Charles Russell.