22 June ~2014


I took the dogs on a 6am walk in downtown Denver. The streets are mostly empty then, but once in a while you come across a bleary-eyed partyier on the way home. My border collies were fascinated, because they are smart and it is all so interesting.

We came across a young man who was sitting at the outdoor piano, his backpack on the ground next to him. I wish my dslr had video so you could hear how beautiful he played. It was downright inspiring.

On Larimer street we walked by Cry Baby ranch, which brought back all kinds of memories - mostly happy, but also bittersweet. That was one of the favorite stores for my cowgirl-minded wife and daughters 25 years ago. I was surprised it was still there. Years tend to clarify things, and I can say that most of our times were happy ones - like when me and the girls would walk down here on Friday nights and meet their Mom - our vacations to Yellowstone, or hiking up to see Calypso orchids in June. (which I have appeared to miss this year). My exwife and I learned to dance, and became very good at it. I doubt if she realized what a gift she had given me, since a man that can dance and enjoys it has plenty of social life in this town, on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, at blues, swing, and country western places. You can be feeling down low, but when a good song comes on and you find a woman who expresses her love of music in her body and feet, it is about as near to pure happiness as a person (two people) can get. What makes it so much better is how spontaneous it can be.

It has been nearly 30 years since her and I took dancing lessons together

I have dated but stayed single since our divorce, which I am fond of saying is because I love the freedom, to dance with whoever I choose, and to head up to the mountains whenever I want. That is true, but it is also true that I really loved her, and some of us only have that one love.

Me and the dogs walked for three hours. I kept some cash in my pocket for down on their luck panhandlers. For some reason I have the look of a sympathetic heart, or an easy mark, who will give them money. I always remember the one who told some people that walked away that Jesus was a street person.

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