09 ~ October, 2016

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Below are photos from my September return trip to Bonaire. I was there before Hurricane Matthew just missed the island, and then headed north through the Caribbean up to Haiti, Cuba, the Bahamas, and then the Eastern US. There was some coral damage to Bonaire from large waves as Matthew made its turn from westward to North (mostly on the southern part of the island). The Bonaire weather was fantastic during my trip, and I was in the sea all day every day snorkeling, free diving, and kayaking.

I missed my border collies more than usual this time. I think we have gotten more attached since I retired. I made it up to them with lots of walks and hikes since I have gotten back, including one last thursday up in the snow, which you can see at this link from my facebook page: (quite a contrast in climate and weather in two weeks time)

I sure like this video, of my three hiking companions and best friends - Beau, Mollie, and Hayley, joining late. I think I can see her jump on the rock and give Mollie a kiss.

Posted by James Ratzloff on Thursday, October 6, 2016