27 February ~ 2021

Going out dancing balances out a lot of solitary time for me. I am encouraged that the pandemic is showing signs of abating and have some hope that things will start to get back to normal.

All that is required to be motivated to go on the hardwood is a good band and a willing partner. A long time ago (20+ years) I drank plenty of beer when out. Now it is just Budweiser Odoule's (nonalcoholic) to do my part to keep the dance hall in business. Maybe with age comes wisdom, or at least better health. ♡ )

You can be sure I am thankful I still have the health and desire to continue to do all this, being so close to 70. I am also thankful that there are talented partners who still like to dance with me. I get it that I am criticized for dancing with younger women, but the ones that do the criticizing usually have never gone out dancing. Also, I dance with everybody.

And going out dancing is one of the most romantic things you can do.

(The song in the second video is Pride and Joy by Stevie Ray Vaughan and Wine, Beer, and Whiskey by Little Big Town in the third video).

“Touch is the most basic way of connecting with another human being."

All dancing oxegenates the brain, exercises the muscles, releases 'feel good' chemicals, and connects the cognitive and emotional mind to the conative body. Dancing builds and reinforces neural connections between the vast circuitry of the brain. Dance expresses what we know and what we feel wordlessly. - Patty O'Grady Ph.D in The Positive Psychology of Dance"

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