23 October ~2016

I am approaching 10 years of doing stories in elementary schools. (March, 2017). It is very rewarding volunteer work that allows me to give back to the community by sharing what I am passionate about. I spend a lot of time reading and searching brick and mortar and online bookstores for a new story each month. My story ideas invariably originate from childrens or young person books, with the hope that the children will be inspired to get the book and read further - promoting literacy. (I often get extra copies and donate the books to the school library). Occasionally I leave the story somewhat open ended, to give the kids even further incentive to read. Their teachers appreciate this approach.

I only choose stories to tell that inspire me in some way. You always do better telling something you care about. Most of them have a place-based theme, and contain a large dose of nature or wildlife or animals.